CCTV & Home Security Solutions

Secure your properties with S-out

It is better if you could have eyes everywhere to protect what you care. Fortunately we have CCTV cameras that we can accomplish this requirement. Other than that we can control access from every entrance using high tech lockers. S-out provides stack of security solutions for various kinds of  security threats. Bionic locks, Human detector sensors, GPS systems and many more. You will get the luxury to see everything using your smart phone or control via your smartphone. S-out has over 5 years of experience in home security solutions. Come to us and get your home and business secure. 

Analog CCTV Camera Prices

4 Cameras

  • 2MP 1080p Cameras (Hikvision)
  • 500GB Space(3 Weeks backup)
  • 14 In LCD Monitor
  • 2 years Warranty

8 Camera

  • 2MP 1080p Cameras(Hikvision)
  • 1TB Space(3 Weeks)
  • 17 In LCD Monitor
  • 2 Years Warranty

16 Cameras

  • 2MP 1080P Cameras
  • 2TB Space(1.5 Months)
  • 19 In LCD Monitor
  • 2 Years Warranty

IP CCTV Camera Prices

16 Cameras

  • 2M 1080p IP Cameras(Hikvision)
  • 2TB Space(2 Weeks)
  • 19 In LCD Monitor
  • 2 Years Warranty

32 Cameras

  • 2M 1080p IP Cameras(Hikvision)
  • 4TB Space(2 Weeks)
  • 32 In LED TV
  • 2 Years Warranty

64 Cameras

  • 2M 1080p IP Cameras(Hikvision)
  • 8TB Space(2 weeks)
  • 48 In LED TV
  • 2 Years Warranty

You can have a CCTV camera system. This will make it more difficult to enter intruder to your property. Other than that you can identify people trying to intrude. Other than that there are various kinds of security systems that trigger some alert like a buzzer when some one crossing a protected area. Using both of these technologies will be more appropriate to protect your properties. 

Then the best way to use a Human sensor alert system. This system will detect humans and alert you in various ways such as making a call, Sending you a SMS  and its possible to send an email too. This will ring a buzzer and eventually send the burglar away. You can get all the latest security systems through S-out. 

Analog cameras use coaxial cables (traditional antenna cables are kind of coaxial cables) to transmit data from camera to recording unit. But IP cameras can send signals using network cables. IP cameras are little bit expensive than Analog cameras. But very rich in terms of video quality. Having a IP camera system is more advantage because everything is networked in these days. We can simply attach more devices to the same network IP camera used. This will use less amount of wires too. 

PTZ cameras can be rotated and zoom remotely as we needed. They are automatically rotating with a motion. PTZ stands for pan tilt and zoom. Those are the movements a PTZ camera can take. 

DVR stands for Digital video recorder. CCTV cameras connected to this unit. This is the controller of the system. It will record videos, it has all the settings saved, it will communicate with the network and hope you got it now.  Better DVR has better options. Some of them equipped with latest technologies like human detection, learning patterns automatically,etc. NVR stands for Network video recorder. Same as DVR but this is dealing with Network camera or IP cameras. Now we have hybrid DVR that contain both of these functions.  

This may vary place to place. In normal conditions it will only take a day to fix up to 8 cameras. It will take much time based on camera locations. 

Yes of course. Whether you have android, apple , blackberry or other smartphone we will be able to install corresponding app to your phone. Once we completed fixing camera we have to connect the recording unit to an internet connection. Then you can see live videos and playback past videos through your smartphone. 

You can call our hotline which is 071 97 98 999 and make a complaint. We will reach you within 2 hours. We will give you a solution within 3 hours. If camera need to replace we will put a backup camera and take the defective to our service center. 

Currently S-out providing services CCTV and security solutions around Embilipitiya. Ratnapura, Hambantota and Monaragala district are the regions of S-out in security solutions. S-out is providing and maintaining security systems of more than 500 business places around Embilipitiya successfully.