CCTV , DVR & NVR Repair

Trusted repair, maintenance, and troubleshooting of CCTV cameras and other related equipment.

What we fixing

Various CCTV Repairs

Camera No power

Fixing CCTV No power issues

Video distortion

Lines in video, Color issues

Power supply issues

Fixing Power supply damages

Water or weather damage

Fixing Water damaged CCTV

DVR or NVR No power

Power issues fixes of DVR,NVR

Network Connectivity Issues

CCTV connectivity issue fixes

Unlocking DVR / NVR

Forget DVR/NVR Password?

DVR / NVR Settings issues

Set settings correctly

Why Choose Us

When you need us, we are here

We will repair your CCTV/DVR/NVR as it was when you buy it.


We are specialized in CCTV repair. We are powered with all modern tools that help.

Service Warranty

You will received a service warranty after every service done by us.

Genuine Parts

We only use genuine parts for repairs. CCTV/DVR/NVR will have its original condition.

CCTV/DVR/NVR Repair by S-out

Fixing lens issues, adjusting focus, and replacing faulty parts such as the image sensor or power supply

Troubleshooting issues with video recording, playback, and network connectivity

Fixing issues with the voltage and power supply to the cameras and DVR/NVR

Fixing issues with the cables that connect the cameras to the DVR/NVR, such as broken or frayed wires

Troubleshooting and resolving issues with the software that controls the CCTV system, such as a malfunctioning user interface or compatibility issues

Resolving issues with incorrect installation, network connectivity, and configuration of the CCTV system