#1 Desktop Computer Repair

 Fixing wide range of issues and problems that may arise with a desktop computers

What we fixing

Various Desktop Computer Repairs

No power Fix

Fixing Power Related Issues

Hardware repairs

Motherboard, CPU, VGA Fixes

Software repairs

OS installation, Virus Removal

Network repairs

Fixing Network Related issues

Memory Upgrades

RAM, HDD, VGA upgrades


Removing dust and debris

Data recovery

Fixing HDD and recover

Peripheral issues

Keyboard, Mouse, USB issues

Why Choose Us

#1 Computer Repair Service in Sri Lanka

We will repair your laptop as it was when you buy it.


We are specialized in Desktop computer repair. We are powered with all modern tools that help.

Service Warranty

You will received a service warranty after every service done by us.

Genuine Parts

We only use genuine parts for repairs. Your Desktop Computer will have its original condition.

Desktop Computer Services By S-out

Repairing or replacing the motherboard if it is malfunctioning. We do chip-level repairs at S-out. So it will be really helpful if you bring your computer to us first. 

Removing any malicious software that may be causing issues on the computer

Reinstalling the operating system, which can help to fix issues caused by software corruption

Replacing any malfunctioning hardware, such as a hard drive, graphics card, or memory if it is beyond repair. We are specialized in repairing VGA Cards. Please don’t hesitate to send your computer to us. 

Cleaning the computer’s cooling system to remove dust and other debris that may be causing overheating

Replacing the power supply if it’s malfunctioning and beyond repair. Please remember we only replace if it is impossible to repair or the cost is close to buying a new one.  

Repairing hard drive, SSD or other storage devices.

Repairing external devices such as keyboard, mouse, monitor or other devices that are connected to the computer

Updating the firmware of the computer’s components to the latest version which can help to fix bugs and improve performance